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This site presents information describing UIEE (Universal Information Exchange Environment). UIEE is a file format and protocol for exchanging data between dissimilar information systems. The current UIEE v2.44 specification is available, as well as information regarding UIEE products and services.

The current specification was last updated July, 2003. Many new capabilities have been added, in particular the ability to embed object data (such as image files) and four entirely new token sets supporting Antique, Auction, Retail, and Custom datasets. These are presented in a series of tables for reference by developers.

UIEE has been adopted as the de-facto standard for information exchange in the out-of-print (OP) book trade since it was first introduced in 1989. It is the objective of this site to present a comprehensive set of standards which will move the development of UIEE forward to meet the needs of the market in which it is in common use today, and thus increase the likelihood of productive use by all who rely upon it to serve their personal and professional needs.

- Thomas A. Sawyer
The UIEE specification has been placed in the public domain to serve as an authoritative resource for reference and development purposes, and to provide a common set of rules and standards for programmers writing compatible assemblers and disassemblers. This specification is actively maintained. Developers are directed NOT to make any alterations to this specification in their proprietary software, since doing so defeats the purpose of the specification and simply creates problems for everyone. Instead, developers are strongly encouraged to contact the author directly for answers to questions, report errors or omissions, or issue requests for updates to the specification.

UIEE is Copyright 1989-2003 Thomas A. Sawyer/TAS Software Innovations. This specification offers no guarantee with respect to fitness, accuracy, or suitability for any application. TAS Software disclaims any responsibility for liability incurred from the use of the information presented herein. This specification imparts no rights of reproduction, redistribution, or proprietary usage, either expressed or implied. Misrepresentation by any person or company claiming ownership, authorship, or copyright of any part of this specification is in violation of Federal Copyright laws, and will be prosecuted.

TAS Software provides a wide range of products and services for companies requiring fast and efficient UIEE assembly and disassembly. Click here for information regarding UIEE product and licensing information.